Amazing Hokkaido


Hokkaido is a wonderfully exciting region where you can enjoy various activities every season of the year.
It is also home to a unique indigenous culture and six national parks, including Shiretoko National Park (designated as a World Natural Heritage site).
Enjoy canoeing, kayaking and mountain climbing during the green seasons, and snowshoeing, skiing and dog sledding during the winter season.
Our local Hokkaido offices specialize in arranging tours that fit popular interests, such as nature, hot springs, foods, and the indigenous Ainu culture,
as well as unique local activities. We also customize special tours according to your own individual needs. Let's explore Hokkaido together!
We are a part of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), the largest organization in this category,
with members from more than 100 countries and 1,400 organizations.
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